Tea Tasting

Tea tasting is a skill

Tea tasting? If you’ve been drinking tea all your life,  you will be surprised to know that tea tasting is an art. Yes, tea tasting is a skill and we will teach you how to pick the best quality teas.

Tea and wine have a lot in common. But while wine tasting is well developed – especially in the Western Cape wine route – tea tasting is not well known. Yes, tea tasting is a skill. People even take courses to learn how to recognise the key flavour notes and identify different tea blends.

Like wine, chocolate or coffee, tea is a product of its environment: the soils, rain and how the tea is grown, taken care of, harvested and processed. These variables make each tea unique and give it body, character and aroma.
…begin your journey of appreciating good tea
When tasting tea, you look for four key features: appearance, aroma, flavour and mouth feel.  At the Magwa Tea Estate – after a tour of our lush estates – you will learn about tea tasting.  You may not become an expert in a day, but you will begin your journey of appreciating good tea, such as the ones we produce from our estates.


The uniqueness of our tea products is that we focus on black tea production. Our premium tea brand – Magwa™ is designed with the understanding that black tea leaves are the bedrock of health drinks including the much healthier green tea. As a company, our strategy is to contribute to the health of our country while positioning ourselves as a major player in the global black tea market.



Majola™ Tea is our easy-going, earthy, every household brand for any tea lover. Its taste, aroma and flavour will intrigue any admirer of a good hot beverage. The morning dew of the Wild Coast has nurtured Majola Tea Estates plantation throughout the decades, the result is a unique taste not found in any plantation in the world.