New High-Value Commodities & Products

High-quality tea popularly known as orthodox tea is the tea that is carefully cultivated and usually handpicked, resulting in superior quality. The development of an Ecotourism valley which will straddle the two local municipalities linking them through the new N2 gateway which will offer access to the area for tourists but also improve the logistics for tea and other agricultural products from the area, and the diversification into high value crops through a strong and vibrant smallholder farmer model.

Different terrains and soil result in different flavour profile just like wine. The MET blessed, fertile land sustains agricultural plant growth to provide the best results of high-quality crop for localised value-enhancement flavoured tea, herbal tea etc.  Favourable weather conditions such as regular rainfall provides the soil moisture that is needed for the lush plant growth plus crops for food security, local beneficiation and trade. The presence of hills and mountain ranges protect the plantations from harsh winds. The favourable sun exposure is necessary for the dry period when plantations can be harvested.



The uniqueness of our tea products is that we focus on black tea production. Our premium tea brand – Magwa™ is designed with the understanding that black tea leaves are the bedrock of health drinks including the much healthier green tea. As a company, our strategy is to contribute to the health of our country while positioning ourselves as a major player in the global black tea market.



Majola™ Tea is our easy-going, earthy, every household brand for any tea lover. Its taste, aroma and flavour will intrigue any admirer of a good hot beverage. The morning dew of the Wild Coast has nurtured Majola Tea Estates plantation throughout the decades, the result is a unique taste not found in any plantation in the world.

“We have a short-term, medium-term and long-term plan for Magwa. In the short-term, we are turning around the tea production and we have seen the potential in tea. We are doing value addition in tea. We are already selling tea to the retail sector and the government and we want to explore the export markets as well, and that will ensure that tea alone can bring investment in the Magwa Tea Estate. We would like to see investors come in, including institutions, putting in capital injection so that we can renovate and revamp our factories and also other workshops within the tea estate. In the long term we appeal to private sector investors to come on board. This is a low hanging fruit for them now, but they will see the return on investment in the area. I can assure you on that. The area is full of potential,” – Magwa Enterprise Tea, GM, Mr Velani Chuma.