Future Developments

MET’s masterplan, proposes three catalytic anchor projects, which are linked to the agricultural and tourism potential of the area namely;

  1. The revitalisation and modernisation of the Magwa and Majola Tea Estates.
  2. The development of an Eco-Tourism valley which will straddle the two local municipalities linking them through the new N2 gateway.
  3. Diversifying agricultural output by including New High Value Commodities and Products through a strong and vibrant smallholder farmer model.

What the winelands is to the Western Cape, the tea estates of Magwa and Majola is to the Eastern Cape – bringing countless possibilities,”- Magwa Enterprise Tea Marketing Manager, Frank Mbalekwa.


The tea estate with profitability prospects now recalculated against plausible marketing strategy. This will be kept as a socially conscious business, developed to be self- sustaining economic enclave.


Interested investors will particularly find the Eco-Tourism is set build the attraction of Lusikisiki. There will be hotels, restaurants, a variety of leisure activities, theme parks, gardens and sport activities.

Commodities & Products

There will be a diversification of crops as studies confirm the viability for avocado, macadamia nuts and hemp production.  These are crops with huge potential, not just in the South African market, but for export.



The uniqueness of our tea products is that we focus on black tea production. Our premium tea brand – Magwa™ is designed with the understanding that black tea leaves are the bedrock of health drinks including the much healthier green tea. As a company, our strategy is to contribute to the health of our country while positioning ourselves as a major player in the global black tea market.



Majola™ Tea is our easy-going, earthy, every household brand for any tea lover. Its taste, aroma and flavour will intrigue any admirer of a good hot beverage. The morning dew of the Wild Coast has nurtured Majola Tea Estates plantation throughout the decades, the result is a unique taste not found in any plantation in the world.