Eco Tourism

Estate for Professionals
– Golf Course
– Landing strip

This estate will boast of features such as  incredible infinity-edge swimming pools precisely positioned to face the vast horizon and providing the most beautiful sunsets; abundant living space for family or friends’ social gatherings; extensive living and dining areas; modern kitchens; and the latest state-of-the-art audio and media amenities providing endless hours of relaxation and entertainment. The estate also has its own tennis court, landscaped garden that can be used for weddings and events, and has a backup generator.

With a team of fully committed staff in each property, as well as 24 hours’ security, this will be a good investment for rental, living or retirement.  Other services such as spa services, massage, babysitting, and a private chef can also be arranged.

The landscaped gardens, both open and air-conditioned spacious rooms, and plenty of lounging areas, adds to the ambience of the estate.

The Estate is also closely located to a golf course and a Landing Strip.

Magwa Falls Tourism Node

The design is influenced by the natural lines of the horizon and surrounding landscape. Our key feature of all infrastructure is Green Roofs. The buildings are topped with a lush green roof planted with native grasses, the Off-Grid and is built from durable and resilient materials including steel, concrete and glass. The full-height glazing including the glass balustrades—blurs the boundaries between inside and out and welcomes sweeping panoramic landscape views into the inside. Apart from the fact it blends in harmoniously with the surrounding green roofs also

  • reduce ambient air temperature, energy use, and utility costs;
  • help cleanse the air and water;
  • utilize local and recycled materials;
  • extend the life of the roof;
  • improve aesthetics; and
  • create greenspace for humans and wildlife while providing a psychological and physical respite from urban surroundings.

As you approach the park you will be welcomed at the information centre with the various options/ packages you can purchase to experience the Park. These will activities and facilities include

  • al fresco tea tasting garden
  • theme parks, gardens
  • help cleanse the air and water;
  • utilize local and recycled materials;
  • Meditation space
  • Mini Stadium for Shows and dances
  • improve aesthetics; and
  • A restaurant that has a lift (140m deep). This takes you to the bottom of the canyon, where you greeted with guided tours
  • 18-hole Golf Course that span across the canyon to the opposite side
  • A clubhouse
  • A 5-star Hotel
  • A glass bottom Bridge
  • Conference Rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Curio Shops
  • Viewing decks
  • A staircase to the bottom of the gorge attached to the side of mountain face

The activities will vary from abseiling, rock climbing, canyoneering and hiking. There are proposed annual music Festival and various other shows scattered throughout the year.


The Staff townhouse like complexes are located throughout the estate to accommodate for all workers. We use the concept of a closed townhouse complex model. This compliments the lifestyles of families living within the complex; a central playground and childcare will be accommodated with each complex. We have incorporated a large common Kraal as well. Each complex will have a bio-digester (animal waste) that will provide energy to the Complex.

The design approach is one that can accommodate an average family with each unit. A vegetable garden in attached to unit, making the family self-sustaining. Each home unit operates off the grid with a photovoltaic energy system as well , has its own on-site water supply and sewage treatment system that directs wastewater to a septic tank and dry well. The interior is fitted out with LEDs and low-energy appliances.